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What is Cultural Extravaganza?

Cultural Extravaganza was first launched in 2017, in conjunction with the opening of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC). It is an annual cultural fiesta that is (Re)presenting Culture For Every Generation through a wide range of programmes. Each programme not only represents culture in different forms, but also re-presents culture to audiences from all walks of life in modern and imaginative iterations.

After a hiatus caused by COVID-19, this year’s Cultural Extravaganza returns with a month-long festival, encompassing 20 hybrid programmes across 30 days. Cultural Extravaganza invites audiences to join in the celebrations either at SCCC or from the comfort of their own homes.

Representing Cultural Extravaganza

Curious about the colourful character you see here?

Cultural Extravaganza’s programmes are inspired by Singapore’s multi-cultural society. Our festival character reflects this spirit. Let us explain.

He carries a ruan and teh packet. Both the musical instrument and drink are related to our Chinese heritage. In particular, the tea we drink today has evolved to be a part of our daily lives.

Around his neck are Indian flower garlands. These pay homage to the festival’s performance which brings Chinese traditional music in dialogue with Indian classical dance. He also wears a blue shirt with a digital screen pattern, reflecting the range of online and physical programmes in our festival.

Other details include the laughing emoji representing the festival’s opening comedy show, and a stone dragon pendant to remind us of the dragon-kiln inspired concert. Read more about our Cultural Extravaganza programmes and see if you can relate them to our character!

What's On


In light of the latest announcements on the heightened measures, we're currently making adjustments to Cultural Extravaganza 2021 programmes. Please click into their respective programme's listing for the latest updates.