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What is Cultural Extravaganza?

First introduced in 2017 along with the opening of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC), Cultural Extravaganza showcases the vibrancy of our distinctive local Chinese culture. With an exciting array of events by the best of Singapore’s Chinese arts and cultural groups, the art festival highlights the crossovers between disciplines, cultures and generations.

(Re)presenting Culture Across Every Generation, Cultural Extravaganza 2023 features renowned local art groups to spotlight the cross-generational aspect of our local Chinese culture.

This year, Cultural Extravaganza returns with 11 exciting programmes, including performances, concerts, talks, an exhibition and a TV festival, that will run from 12 May till 18 June.

Don’t miss out on this exciting affair!


Representing Cultural Extravaganza:
Cross-Cultural Character

As a personification of
“(Re)presenting Culture Across Every Generation”, we present our cross-cultural character of the year.

Dressed up in a mix of traditional Chinese and Indian elements, the character represents the cross-cultural characteristic where Chinese Ruan music, Indian dance and Cantonese opera combine to produce an electrifying soundscape.

The cross-cultural character wields a clarinet on his left hand representing how Chinese evergreen songs are being re-presented in modern jazzy arrangements. Catch renowned Mandopop star Judy Ongg from the 1970s and Singapore’s award winning songwriter Lee Wei Song and Marcus Lee!

Curious about the calligraphy brush on the character’s right hand? It’s a tantalising hint of an exhibition, featuring the private collection of Zaobao and Qiu Zhai Art Studio with more than 200 artworks!

Aligned with the theme of passing traditions on to the next generation, the past Cultural Extravaganza characters who came before this year’s character show how the baton has been passed from one generation to the next. Keep your eyes peeled on this year’s programmes and see if you can spot any relevant traits on the cross-cultural character.

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